Sunday, October 12, 2008



-What is the meaning of this word?
This is an Korean word.
The original meaning is “to roll” but it has the different expressions and senses.
First “To roll with people who loves.”
Second “Be resting as if it makes nothing in house.”
Third “works skillfully.”
Fourth “To use the brain like a very ready person of negatives things.”
It motives comes from the second.
The majority remains in the sofa and bed to rest or to make some things like playing.
For that reason I have compared sofa with the movements of gymnast, especially of rolling.
In fact this sofa can to transform flexible as if outside the gymnast that expresses the movements freely.
The varied action of gymnastics is an art of the act that is made by the expressions of the movement of the body.
Movement of body, in that it has been perfected by the joints that are made by fibroid, is cooperated, it crawls and it depends on the joint.
He is as this the mat that is used the gymnastics with which it is an object of the form to roll.
It graft to the sofa so that people feel and can transform the forms freely.
The bandage to tie the suitcase has been created by the muscles that are connected with the bodies.

This is not a sofa. It is an interactive play.
It is only necessary creativity of the users.
This is a kind of a mat. But can be rolled up by the user and can be furniture.
The objects of the sofa created, tied, added and cleared by the users. Be dynamic and unique.
Sofa has not number that people produce the form of the sofa, which is very economic and it is not very heavy that people buy a sofa, Is a supply that people enjoy the world of design.

Each mat has concept and has message.
For example it has 2 designed mat :
The Flower – “it is a part of the heart.” The meaning is “flower is the love.”
The Frog – “We have to save the frog.” The nature is a greatest love for that reason we take care of ourselves and we cultivated.

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